7 Steps to Effectively Marketing an Infographic for Better Search Engine Optimisation

Of the many reasons why everybody loves infographics, there are three that stand out the most: they are attractive; they make information digestible; and they cater to the netizens’ short-term attention spans.

While content is still king, these days, it’s all about bite-size information. Nobody stays for more than a minute on any page on the Internet anymore. Audiences prefer looking at visual content that allow them to learn more by reading less.

The Internet continues to become denser and denser with infographics, what with at least an additional 1% of them being produced every day. Even with this volume, it is not impossible to get your infographic the attention it deserves.

  1. Use Evergreen Strategies

Evergreen content revolves around topics that maintain freshness and significance, regardless of who’s reading it and when. Some key tips include avoiding trends that may turn obsolete, and thinking ahead of ways to repurpose content.

  1. Optimize for Search Engines

Use relevant keywords and phrases, making sure of course that they are used naturally in your content, page titles, header elements, URLs, etc.

  1. Share at Full Throttle

Use as many social media platforms (and as heavily) as possible. Facebook and Twitter are already given, but don’t overlook other platforms such as Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest.

  1. Make It Shareable

Aside from a good call to action, adding social sharing buttons will help get the social media snowball rolling. Not many netizens will go through the trouble of copying and typing an entire piece of information. One good strategy is to splice up some points in your infographic, and then add tweetables or Facebook share buttons to your landing page. Also include these sharing buttons at the bottom of the infographic, in case anyone wants to share the whole thing.

  1. Submit to Infographic Directories

Though not a guarantee for shooting your infographic to top search engine rankings, this adds marketing juice to your infographic and helps it be found by more people.

  1. Pitch Bloggers

Have your infographic promoted by influential bloggers, particularly those who blog about your topic. It doesn’t do to simply message them and request to have your infographic published to their followers. “Cultivate relationship with them and offer to promote their blogs in return.” says Bulldog Infographic Design Agency

  1. Measure and Analyze

Even after it has been shared well around the web, you still have more to do if you are to gain full ROI from your infographic. Incorporate web analytics strategies to your infographics marketing, employing the necessary professional help or online tools available.

With the right marketing strategies and tools, the next time you talk about your infographic, you will be using the word “viral” in the same sentence.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? Here Are 5 Compelling Reasons!

Why outsource your digital marketing needs to an agency? One digital marketing agency, specialist seo agency posted that the primary reason to enlist their services is because of their expertise. I’m not certain if I can agree with that completely.

You see, we have been working with several companies that have their own marketing department. This has shown us that such companies have the knowledge and skills to handle digital marketing expertly. In our experience with them, learning is mutual.

Reasons You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are five (5) compelling reasons to prove how hiring a digital marketing agency is wise:

  1. You do not have to stress yourself out over bureaucracy. Digital marketing agencies, unlike a typical marketing department, does not concern themselves much with formalities, politics, budget, and all other things common to marketing departments.

Thus, getting desired results with an agency is less stressful. When you outsource to an agency, they know they have to meet or exceed your expectations; otherwise, they might just lose your business. As they deliver precise results, hiring their services becomes more cost-effective than hiring employees for a marketing department.

  1. You can access proprietary tools minus the usual high cost. Working with repeat clients allows our agency to equally distribute the cost of these tools to clients. You do not have to spend much for proprietary tools or licensed software, such as an effective reporting application, when you enlist our services.
  1. You get to enjoy results-driven services. In hiring us, you get to try our services free for 30 days at no commitment. In the event that you are not getting the results you expect, you can always pause or choose to cancel.

You do not have to stress yourself about the usual human resource actions, as this becomes our responsibility. The only thing you need to do is to decide whether or not to continue our services based on our ability to meet your expectations.

  1. Increased efficiency is what we will bring to your business. You get to save your resources with our proven strategies. You do not have to hit and miss in getting the results. The savings you can get while improving the results will widen your business profitability.
  1. You can focus on things that will increase the productivity and profitability of your business. It is the job of a digital marketing agency to identify and bridge gaps. You do not have to find the best strategy that will deliver better results, as our agency does that on your behalf. In working together, only the best results possible await your business.

Hiring a digital marketing agency frees you from challenges and problems that you will have to battle otherwise. Why take the unnecessary risk of losing when you can certainly win by enlisting our services?





Marketing Your Plastic Surgeon Business

Many people are dissatisfied with how they look. As a result, the plastic surgery business has continued to grow exponentially over the years. However, the competition in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery is getting tougher and tougher.

If you want to optimise the potential of your plastic surgeon business, you have to create a strong marketing strategy that will lure new clients and retain the old ones. Here are some ways how.

  1. Get to know your market.

Before you devise a marketing plan, you have to possess a clear understanding of what your clients want and need. You have to know their motivation for wanting to get plastic or cosmetic surgery. You have to listen to them.

  1. Use word-of-mouth advertising to your advantage.

Remember that word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective and most inexpensive way to attract new clients. So, it is important to give great service to your existing clients. You have to invest in new, state-of-the-art equipment and you have to pursue further studies to update yourself with current plastic and cosmetic surgery trends. You also need to train your customer service staff well.

  1. Increase your brand recognition.

One of the most popular strategies that plastic surgeons employ today is increasing brand recognition by getting celebrity endorsements. You can consider having an x-deal (also known as exchange deal) with a celebrity. You can do a procedure for that particular celebrity for free and in return, the celeb will endorse your services.

  1. Engage in social media marketing.

Most people spend too much of their time on the Internet nowadays. So, it pays to invest in social media marketing. You have to make sure that you have a Facebook page, an Instragram account, and a Twitter account. Social media marketing is one of the more effective and more powerful ways to communicate with and get to know your current and potential clients better.

  1. Invest in your website.

Many people use the Internet to look for services. Therefore, it is important to invest in your website. You have to make sure that it is visually appealing and that it has great content. It also helps to employ SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques so your website will rank high in Google or other search engine results. This will significantly improve your online presence.

Checkout surgeon marketing by SurgeryBloom.com, they specialise only in Surgery SEO.

  1. Create a competitive advantage.

As mentioned earlier, the field of plastic surgery is a continuously growing industry. So, it is important to ensure that your services are different and more advanced than those of your competitors. It does not hurt to invest in promotional offers and contests, too.

Plastic surgery is not something that normal people go through every day. That is why it is important to market it as a need and not just a “want.” It is also important to make each client feel important and special.